2001 Bronwyn Merrit Gallery - "Jack's Green Room." Chapel Hill, NC
1998 New York Open Center - "Free Speech." New York, NY
1996 The Village Gallery - "The Light Show." New Delhi, India
1989 Dome Gallery - "Creation Myth." New York, NY
1988 Dome Gallery - "Hylozoism." New York, NY


2015 ArtShow Bedford - Works in mixed media on paper.
2004 Zino Contempoary. Sante Fe, NM
1999 Coins - "Lindisfarne." London, England
1999 Pasadena Art Alliance - Pasadena, CA
1998 Saxon Lee Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
1997 Broome Street - "Seven Artists." New York, NY
1996 Hurlbutt Gallery - "Fresh Paint." Greenwich, CT
1995 Artist's Space - "Night of 1000 Drawings." New York, NY
1995 AIFACS - "Art for Peace." New Delhi, India
1995 Daniel Saxon Gallery - "Of Nature and the Human Spirit." Los Angeles, CA
1994 India International Center - New Delhi, India
1987 Charles Cowles Annex - "Stanford Artists." New York, NY
1986 Palladium - New York, NY

Commercial Art/Design Work Experience

1991 A Marriage – Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Steiglitz - New York, NY. Painted 100 paintings for the production.
1986-87 Henri Bendel's - New York, NY. Hand painted table linens.
1986 Givenchy - New York, NY. Murals.
1986 Out of Bounds - Los Angeles. CA. Scenic design and painting.
1985-91 Bloomingdale's - New York, NY. Mural and design work.
1985-91 Jay Spectre Inc., - New York, NY. Graphics, murals, fabric, and tableware design.


1997 Through the Eyes of Indian Children - Palos Verdes Art Center, CA. Curated exhibit of Indian Children's Art.
1996 Tibetan Teacher's Workshop - New Delhi, India. Conducted workshop on creativity and environmental concerns.
1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women - Beijing, China. Conducted workshop on writing, film, and video.
1994 Children's Art from Hobby Center - Los Angeles Junior Art Center, CA. Curated exhibit of Indian Children's Art.


Stanford University.

Palo Alto, CA.
BA, Urban Design
Through the self-designed Urban Design major, I gained an appreciation for the integration and interaction of all systems local and global. Most memorably, I attended the Stanford program in Tours, France; I jumped off a train going the wrong way, walking up a hill with my sketchpad and lunch pail. All these very jolly people waddled up to me; we had a memorable afternoon, all in French. Later, I discovered I had perched on a hillside near an insane asylum.

Columbia University.

New York, New York.
MA, Cultural Anthropology
At Columbia I focused on Southeast Asia, a natural choice after having lived and worked in Nepal and India for five years. My attention was also drawn to public health, human rights, sustainability and consumption. For my thesis I wrote a screenplay about food and formulated several documentary proposals, which I am now working on.

Art Center College of Design.

Pasadena, CA.
Environmental Design and Film
After the impressions and immersion that Art Center College of Design gives its students, it is almost impossible to ignore the impact of our visual world. My life changed at Art Center as I learned about the core values of communication, design, perspective, and change.

Film - Selected Media

*Dyslexia – Director/Producer/DP – in production

A film about kids for kids.
The Kildonan School

*The Art of Impermanence – Director/Producer/Camera

A series of 108 short films (74 are complete) about issues including health, art, consciousness, religion, medicine, science, writing, the environment, conservation, and activism.

*Ushio and Noriko Shinohara – Director/Producer/Camera.

An installation at the Katonah Museum of Art.

*Gala Video – KMA Honorees – Director/Producer

The Katonah Museum of Art

*Palos Verdes Estates – Director/Producer/DP

The City of Palos Verdes Estates

*BigCityMusik – Director/Producer

Music Video of four emerging music talents.

*Master Printmaker John Lund and Jasper Johns - Director/Producer.

John Lund elaborates on process and collaboration.
The Katonah Museum of Art.

*What is Art? – Director/Producer.

The animated video shows that art wants to be at The Katonah Museum of Art.
The Katonah Museum of Art.

*Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Director/Producer.

Moynihan film highlights for the Moynihan Prize dinner.
Worked with Tom Kecskmethy - The American Academy of Political and Social Science.

*Stepitup – Director/Producer.

Music video about food waste/recycling in the New York City school system.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

*His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits the University of San Diego -Director/Producer.

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice.

*ARTTREK – Director/Producer.

Children create a peace project for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice.

*Frederick Hammersley - Don’t Let the Screen Door Slam -Director/Producer.

The late Hammersley was a gentle giant of a painter who left behind a saturated, geometric world of art work.

*Congressional Gold Medal Award - Producer.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for hismany enduring and outstanding contributions to peace, non-violence, humanrights, and religious understanding. Congressional leaders and President Bushpresented the Gold Medal to His Holiness in the Capitol Rotunda. Press conference,a concert for peace, and interviews were shot with Tom Lantos and David Crosby.
Produced and covered events for the U.K. independent film entitled The Unwinking Eye.

*Free Tibet Now - Director/Producer.

Music video made for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to raise awareness about the conditions in Tibet.

*Women Behind the Camera/Shooting Women – Executive Producer/Associate Producer/Camera.

Feature length documentary that provides a global view of the world through women and their work in cinematography. Winner of 35 awards, including Winner of the 2007.Spirit of Moondance Award, Best Documentary Feature Film; Winner of the Insight Award 2007, National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists; 2006 Accolade Winner Award of Excellence. Rafael Film. In competition at the first Lady Filmmaker Festival in Los Angeles 2009.

*The Hospital - Emergency Room Director/Producer/Second Camera.

Thirteen-episode TV series presents stories of Duke Hospital’s Emergency Room, including patient’s follow up treatment in various departments of the hospital.
Advanced Medical Productions for The Discovery Channel.

*Nepal: Rape, Abortion, Prison – Producer.

Correspondent segment describes the plight of Nepalese women and abortion. Girls and women are imprisoned up to 20 years.Amnesty International Media Award for Television News.
BBC Correspondent.

*In Search of Kundun – India Producer/Archival/Historic Consultant

Feature documentary on the life of the Dalai Lama. Responsible for all production in Dharamsala and New Delhi. Traveled between Los Angeles, New York, London, and New Delhi for research, footage, and archival photographs.
Ray Productions.